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Do you have a listing that just won’t sell?

How many times has the buyer’s financing fell through – leaving your seller with two house payments?


-Step 1-
Enter your listing information in the web form to the right.
-Step 2-
You will be contacted to discuss an offer for the property submitted.
-Step 3-
We will analyze the property and make an offer
-Step 4-
We can close quickly

How we help you:

  • We purchase any type of traditional or distressed property
  • We buy difficult to sell property and close on time, without headaches
  • We buy condos, townhomes, multi-family, single-family detached homes, as wells a commercial and land.
  • We buy in all price points from $10,000 & up – (as long as we can add enough value to make the deal work for all sides)
  • We’ll buy homes with any and all amounts of work from cosmetic rehabs to complete tear downs
  • We buy in all areas of the Kansas City Metro, but also consider out of town and out of state investments.

Agent Testimonials:

I helped Deanna find a rental property. The transaction was smooth, no issue whatsoever.   They supplied me with the necessary documents on a timely basis and we were able to proceed to an on time closing.  I would very much appreciate the opportunity to work with them again.

Joe R., Realtor

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